On stage is a big parabole-mirror and a woman.

The mirror is also called “mirror of hope” and is actually used as a sun cooker to prepare food, but becomes a theatrical object with which the actress tells old Khoi-San legends as well as tales from between worlds, daily life stories and true lies.

Thus appears the lonesome woman at the fire – even before the big light – the mother who is so big, she has to bend down to touch a Marulatree and the grandmother who is burned.

A charming play with sound, movement and the special tongue of the objects. With a playing woman who is witch as well as holy.

„As she twirls in and out of this giant prop, she uses sound, light, movement and a simple storytelling style to give imagination flight and to encourage her audience to make their own journey.” Diane de Beer, 31 Aug 2006 Pretoria News


  • Afrikaans / Deutsch/English
  • Youth – Adults (12+)
  • Setup 3 hours
  • Dismantle 1 hour
  • Stage 6mx6m, simple backdrop
  • Block out daylight
  • General lighting, 6 pars and one followspot
  • Sound equipment
  • Power plug on stage
  • Infrared light is used in show
  • 1 – 2 Persons for light&sound



+27 83 287 5689



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