Street Theatre



Kwasper is a friendly string puppet guy who loves to paint his world in all colours of the rainbow with his paintbrush and pots of paint. Technical: No language Water soluble [...]

Bubble Fairy


Come and peek at a miniature fiddely finger performance through the caleidoscope of the Bubble Fairy.  She presents the opportunity to see through the eyes of other beings at ou [...]

Dung Beetle


Dung beetle -  rolling rolling rolling.  Is it a play?  Is it work?  Where to?  Is it good?  Is it bad? Can I help?  What's inside?  Is it dung?  He is gone. Technical: No wo [...]



The worlds smallest bioscope fits in a Jacket! See for yourself: Find the Storyteller Choose a handmade script Experience a magical miniature movie! Technical: No words All ag [...]

Rainbow Band


Believe: at the end of the rainbow there's gold just follow the sound and just keep being bold Find the one woman band - there where she mingles she shakes and she shimmers she [...]



A shower of stories (English or Afrikaans or combined & no words) rained on the storyteller`s umbrella.   Fresh and funny stories are dripping from the umbrella where she ca [...]

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